We are MAREA, an international group of interdisciplinary sustainability scholars and practitioners focused on Mexico’s small-scale fisheries. We are committed to integrated understanding of the connections among people and nature.
Our goal is to generate and share knowledge of the coupled social-ecological systems associated with small-scale fisheries, and to translate that knowledge into actions that contribute to more resilient, equitable societies and healthy coastal marine ecosystems.
MAREA includes institutions and individuals from Mexico, Canada, Germany, Sweden, and the US. To learn more, please visit the Team page.
In Spanish Marea has two meanings: The tide and a fishing event.
Our work is funded by the US National Science Foundation Coupled Natural and Human Systems Program (DEB-1632648), with additional support and engagement by University of Maine, Duke University, Scripps Institution of Oceanography’s Gulf of California Marine Program at UC San Diego, Stockholm University’s Stockholm Resilience Centre, and Sociedad de Historia Natural Niparajá, A.C.

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